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"The Featherweight 221 and I"
1/4" Foot with guide for 221
1/4" Quilt Foot with guide for 301 and 301A
1/4" Quilting Foot with Guide for 221, 222
1/4" Quilting/Patchwork foot with Guide
120 V Clear bulb for 221, 301, and 222
17-1/2" Lug Belt -- fits 221 Singer, and Bernina 817 and 830
21 Or More Bobbin box
220V, Bulb for a 221 Featherweight -- European Machines
221 and 301 Loop Guard Mounting Screw
221 Motor Brushes Without Springs -- Pair
301 Parts & Accessories
5.5 inch Hemostats
96" Tape Measure
Aunt Bea's Parlor -- Hand Embroidery Version
Bed Cover (Bottom Plate) Screw
Bed cushions for the Singer Featherweight 221
Black Nylon Carrying Bag for your Featherweight
Bobbin Case
Bobbin Case Tension Spring Mounting Screw
Bobbin Winder for 221 -- Out of Stock
Bobbin Winder Ring for Singer 301 Sewing Machine
Bobbins, package of 6, fit 221, 222 & 301
BobbinSaver Purple
Books and DVD's
Bottom Plate for a Singer Featherweight 221
Bottom Plate Nut for 221
Brush Cap, Singer, New
Bulb, LED, Bayonet Base, 110V, for the 221 FW
Cap Spring/Race Front Load
Carbon Motor Brushes (Pair) for 221 and 201
Case Latch Spring for 221 Featherweight Bobbin Case
Darning Plate
Darning/Quilting Foot for 221 (Reproduction)
Digby Dog Pincushion Pattern
Dog Flowers: Orchid Terrier LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Dog Flowers: Pansy Faced Pooch -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Double End Lint Brush
Drip Pan Pad for 221 Featherweight
Drip Pan Pad for Singer 301
Electric cord, AC,110V for the 221/301 Singer
Electrical Plug Receptacle
Electronic Foot Control (complete) for Singer 221 or 301
Electronic Foot Control No. 217
Embroidery Open Toe Presser Foot for 221
Extension Plate Screw for Singer Featherweight 221 -- Pair
Fat Cats
Featherweight 221 The Perfect Portable -- Only one in stock
Featherweight Box Hinges (Not Original) -- Pair
Featherweight Case -- out of stock
Featherweight Parts
Feet and Attachments
Fine Point Machine Oiler
Flexible LED Light Blue -- battery operated -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Flexible LED Light Purple -- battery operated -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Flexible LED Light Red -- battery operated -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Foot control feet
Foot Controls
Four Corners Apron Pattern
Free Motion Embroidery Foot, Slant, for 301 and 301A
Free Motion Foot, Low Shank
Garden Patch Cat: Eggplant Purr-mesan LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cat: Pickle Puss LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Avocato -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Boscat -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Catus Romanus LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Gourdo Gato -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Kitt'ney Bean -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Mushkit -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Garden Patch Cats: Yammy Cat -- LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND
Gift Items
Hello Sewing! Only 1 in stock
Hook with Bobbin Case for 221, 222 and 301
Instructions for Using Singer Sewing Machine Model #221
Klasse Sewing Machine Needles--Quilting 80/12
Latch Pin for Bobbin Case 45751
Leg screw (Bed cushion) screw for 45780 bed cushions (ea.)
Light Bulbs
Light Socket for the 301 and 401
Light Switch, Toggle
Long bulb, 15W, bayonet base.
Loop Guard for Hook for Featherweight Bobbin Base
Low Shank Edge/Joining Stitch in a Ditch Presser Foot for the 221 or 222 -- only 1 left in stock
Lubricant, Singer
Magnetic Seam Gauge with Handle
Monkey Business Car Caddy Pattern
Motor Belt for 221
Motorbelt fits Singer 66 class motor on Singer 66 or 99
My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread Sign
Needle Clamp for 221
Needle plate for 221, 301 - aka graduated throat plate-out of stock
Pair of Latches for Featherweight Case With Keys -- Not originals
Protect & Grip Thimble Size Small
Protect and Grip Thimble Medium
Pulley for Motor on 221
Red Nylon Carrying Bag for 221 Featherweight
Regular foot, slant, fits 301
Replacement Electric Cord for the Singer 400, 401, and 403 CLOSEOUT ONLY TWO IN STOCK
Replacement Light Socket for 221 Featherweight
Rock Candy Table Topper
Roxanne Needle Threader -- Made in the USA
Screw for Feed Dog on 221 and others
Screw for Presser feet, Singer
Screw for Singer 221 bobbin Case Latch
Screw, Face Plate Lower
Screw, Singer 221 Gib Mounting Screw -- OUT OF STOCK
Screw, Singer 221 Hook Gib OS -- Out of Stock
Screwdriver Set (2)
Seam Gauge, 8 sizes
Serenity Vive Le Color! Coloring Set -- one in stock
Sewing Machine Screws
Sewing Machines
Sidekick Ruler
Singer 15 66 Needle Plate Screw
Singer 221 Bobbin Case Tension Adjustment Screw
Singer 221 Handwheel
Singer 221 Hook Gib Screw
Singer 221 Hook to Shaft Screw
Singer 221 Top Lid Screw
Singer 301 Instruction Manual
Singer Bobbins, Class 66, Metal, Pkg of 6 ea.
Singer Class 66 Parts
Singer Face Plate Screw
Singer Foot Control Lead Cord, Fits 1200-1, 127, 128, 185, 201, 223, 227, 239, 27, 327, 328, 329, 66, and 99. Goes from Machine to Foot Control.
Slant Edge/Joining Stitch In A Ditch Presser Foot for the 301
Small Seam Ripper
Spool Pin Coil Spring with felt
Spool Pin Felt
Spool Pin for Featherweight with Spring, Felt and Screw
Spring, 221 Featherweight Presser Bar
SS Low Shank Center, Narrow Presser Foot fits the 221 and 222
Tension Spring for Bobbin Case 45751
The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook -- Out of stock
Those Fantastic Featherweights DVD Set
Thread Stand
Thread Take Up for Singer 221 & 328K
Tube Spinner Spool Adapter
Upper Tension Control -- Reproduction
Vive Le Color! Vitality Coloring Book & Pencils -- one in stock
Walking Foot With Quilt Guide for 221
Washer, Singer 221 Clutch
Welting Foot -- 1/4", Low Shank
Wooden Sewing Caddy - only 1 in stock
Zen-sational Quilt: Butterflies
Zipper Foot for 221 (Reproduction)
Zoom Spout Oiler, 4 oz